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Contra Costa Watershed Forum

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Participants in the Contra Costa Watershed Forum have collaborated to create a number of publications for stakeholders in the County. Publications include the Contra Costa Watershed Atlas, Data from the Creeks and a brochure about the Forum. These are all available electronically, and can be dowloaded without charge.

CCWF Publications

Watershed Atlas

Designed as a tool for people with all levels of expertise in watershed management and planning, the Contra Costa Watershed Atlas is an important document for people concerned about watersheds in the county. the 150-page, full-color book includes maps, photographs, statistics and text.

Databook: Data from the Creeks

For the past five years, dedicated CCC residents who care about their local creeks have spent thousands of hours of the weekend and weeknight hours in the classroom learning monitoring techniques or knee-deep in the creeks collecting data. This book is a partial summary of their work in progress and is intended to show what has been accomplished already, to provide a glimpse of what the completed monitoring can tell us, and to inspire volunteers to keep up the good work. (26 Mb)

CCWF Brochure

An overview of the Contra Costa Watershed Forum. Print Quality (9.5 Mb)

East Contra Costa County Historical Ecology Study

SFEI conducted a historical ecology assessment of natural resources in East Contra Costa County in partnership with Contra Costa County and the Contra Costa Watershed Forum. Through the study, SFEI collected and analyzed data to build understanding of the historical alignments of creeks, the natural pattern of riparian and dryland habitat types, and the locations of former seasonal and perennial wetlands. The project was been designed specifically to inform the East Contra Costa County Habitat Conservation Plan process.